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Community Engagement

Early and pro-active engagement of all stakeholders is key to a successful project, Sandover Associates are well versed in a range of techniques depending on the group to be engaged, these include Enquiry by Design, Planning for Real, and World Café. Sandover Associates have communicated to communities and stakeholders all the aspects and sensitivities of the design process and most importantly drawing out the key requirements, opportunities and constraints required for a robust brief and design solution.

To boost the practice’s resources we have formed an association with CAG Consultants (Cooperative Advisory Group) to promote community engagement and sustainability work. CAG compliments the services we have been able to provide with greater capacity on online and virtual media engagement .At CAG we have developed a flexible menu of consultation services. We think this independent service will help engage more effectively with local people and communities, provide feedback into the design and improve the chances of a sustainable project with local support.
  • Chudleigh
  • South West Bristol
  • Regeneration of Camborne Pool, Redruth
  • Design Workshop - SW Bristol
  • Newton Abbot Workshop
  • Chudleigh Workshop
  • Bath and South Bristol Growth Point
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